30 free content ideas for a fitness bussines

30 free content ideas for a fitness bussines

Proper content planning & filming is one of the biggest pains for fitness businesses, as social media managers we think it's only right that we help out 😉... So heres 30 content ideas for a fitness business (some can be reused regularly).

These posts are designed for engagement, building social proof and conversions...

  1. "quick 10 minute workout you can do at home to train your <muscle>".
  2. "Heres a free workout plan with the goal of <goal>".
  3. "Home gym equipment i would buy on <amount of money> budget".
  4. "What meal you can have for under <Amount of calories> calories".
  5. "quick 15 minute <Amount of protein>  of protein meal".
  6. "follow <customer name>'s workout".
  7. Interview customers on your service.
  8. Gym Memes.
  9. talk to the camera about the benefits of a specific exercise.
  10. Motivational short form videos.
  11. film and tag your current customers doing a challenge.
  12. How to find us.
  13. Member of the month.
  14. meet <Employee name>, our employee.
  15. A look around our gym.
  16. Before & After photos.
  17. Share testimonials.
  18. Ask your customers their favourite workout song.
  19. "top 3 ways to recover from a hard session".
  20. Use polls to ask people opinions on different exercises.
  21. Video of an employee talking to the camera about your service.
  22. Your opening times.
  23. Recommend fitness books and YouTube videos.
  24. Talk about the benefits of sleep.
  25. CTA's (call to action) to bring people in your gym room.
  26. Show a behind the scenes.
  27. Ask current customers what keeps them motivated.
  28. Share cool tips you know on a niche subject.
  29. "What goals you should be aiming for in the gym".
  30. Any UGC video of someone charismatic talking to the camera will do well on social media.

Yup, there's a lot of different content ideas out there for fitness businesses, the problem most people face is hr planning, you can fix this by making a content calendar and filming in bulk to save time, or alternatively you can bring on vox on digital who has past experience growing gym pages on social media...if you're looking to save yourself time, find us here... or if you're simply looking to turn fitness followers into customers, click here for a guide from us. 😉

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