THE 2024 Strategy: Decreasing no show rate

THE 2024 Strategy: Decreasing no show rate


"I'd rather take a slap to the face instead of another no show"...

Yup, that's right everyone who's in the fitness industry has felt the exact same way, preparing for an absolute quality free trial of your service, then getting slapped in the face with a no-show client...

Luckily recently businesses are starting to find automated & effective methods that aren't just follow-ups, here's what the industry is currently doing to combat this problem:

 An automated system you'll kick yourself for not having:

what this system will do

This no-show rate system is based on:

  • increasing your authenticity
  • having social proof of your service
  • handling objections

by doing these 3 things, you have effectively created a killer system for decreasing no shows,

This system works via Meta ads, and targeting the right people at the right time to increase your brand image and decrease no-show rate, now here's what you'll need to have before setting up your system:

  • A list of your most common objections
  • Client testimonials
  • Your targets personal email

Setup Part 1: Yes its that simple

The first step in running this system is setting up your Facebook ads, you'll want to do the following: create a retargeting campaign and input your pre meeting target email into this targeted email list.

What this is going to do is show your adverts directly to the target when they're on Facebook or Instagram.

Yes its that simple...

Setup Part 2: What content to show your clients

The first thing you need to do when considering what to put on your campaign is what are the most common objections, in our experience it's usually one of either they don't think your service is worth the money or they don't have time to try your service.

So what to post?... When trying to handle the two previous objections you would do post client testimonial content on your campaign that explains how amazing the service is for the money they paid for it and how flexible your business can be in terms of time.

By doing this you not only are in your customers face before the sale showing how good your service is but you're also handling the objections they have coming into your meetings.

Increase your systems affectivness using this trick

When running this no-show system, there are things you can do to support and make the system even better. One being posted on social media, when your potential customer see's your ad they're likely to click on your socials to find out more, And this is where you can implement and absolutely amazing social media feed that shows of multiple client testimonials and offers your currently running.



If you want to set up a system to decrease your no-show rate, then visit and we can help you setup your campaigns, and even run your social media, all with 50% of a 3 month contract!

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