Unlock THE Maximum Value from Your Clients!

Unlock THE Maximum Value from Your Clients!

Stop missing out:

If you're not using every single one of your sales and clients to leverage more value then you're missing out on a huge untapped value reservoir, & your competitors who are using these methods to increase their social proof and digital reach, will be laughing all the way to their bigger sales pipeline...

By using these 2 methods you can:

  • Increase your social proof / reputation
  • Increase digital reach

Here's how you do it:

If your existing clients are not helping you achieve this, then it could be a question of are you delivering a service they are amazed by or just a service they expect as standard.

However, if you want to increase your social proof the simple answer for gyms & fitness businesses is before and after photos of new clients on your social media pages, and when i say plaster them everywhere, i mean plaster them everywhere, not only will the customer 100% repost their progress therefor giving you a further reach and a high reputation amongst their followers but they will also feel a closer loyalty to your brand as a whole generating longer client retention times and higher potential upsells.

Absolutely nothing will come from no consistency...

These sorts of systems work best when you do them routinely and consistently, nothing will come from 1 client testimonial, however, a flood of before and after photos + client testimonials on your social media pages will increase your authenticity and social proof by tenfold!

 Automated social media?

If you're finding your social media tasks are taking up too much time for you & your business, then you can contact us as we're currently running 50% OFF for 3 month social media management contracts!!!



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