Find 50 highly searched content ideas in 5 mins

Find 50 highly searched content ideas in 5 mins

A big struggle business owners face when running their social media is continuously finding new content idea's that work... (example of the technique further down the page)

The "50 in 5 mins" system: Two of the main focus points in any quality content plan are:

  1. Providing value through posts, whether it's entertainment, factual or aesthetically
  2. Making sure your accounts are more likely to show up in searches

So how do you solve the problem of coming up with high quality & highly searched content ideas?...

Step 1: Find the roots of your content

For your first step you're going to type a common question or struggle into google.

It's important to make sure your first questions are quite general and covers a big branch of your niche topics.

Step 2: Find the branches

In step 2, you going to locate the "people also ask section", this is what's going to feed you endless amounts of content at a super high rate and quality.

Step 3: Grow the branches

In step 3 you're going to continuously press on related searches, every time you click on a related search another 2 will show up. Do this until you have a huge list of topic related questions that are asked regularly.

Step 4: pick the apples

Step 4 is easy, you're going to copy all the questions that people are commonly searching, next your going to turn your list of commonly asked questions into Hooks for your content.


(EXAMPLE) Lets see a quick 15 post ideas example, of the "50 in 5 mins" system in action for a fitness business...

Step 1:

Search "whats the best way to grow muscle"

Step 2 & 3:

  1. Is 3 days a week enough to build muscle
  2. is 30 minuites enough time for a good workout
  3. Can you build muscle after 40
  4. Why can i lift heavy weights but not gain muscle
  5. What to eat to gain muscle
  6. Can you still gain muscle without lifting heavy
  7. How to loose weight in 3 weeks
  8. Why am i skinny but can still lift weights
  9. Does it take 2 years to get ripped
  10. Which muscle is hardest to grow
  11. Do men grow muscle faster than women
  12. Is 3 sets of 10 enough to build muscle
  13. Do muscles get bigger on rest days
  14. What time of day is best to workout
  15. Does walking build muscle

 Step 4:

  1. How many days a week do you need to build muscle?
  2. Is a 30 minuite workout too short?...
  3. Building muscle after 40 is easy, heres how...
  4. Quick fix to increase muscle growth rather than strength
  5. Our 5 favorite foods for bulking:
  6. How to increase muscle mass while still lifting light
  7. Quickest ways to loose weight
  8. Do muscle size and strenght directly correlate
  9. How long does it take to get a bodybuilder physique
  10. top 3 muscles that are hardest to grow and how you can increase growth
  11. Do men build muscle faster than wome? heres the truth...
  12. How many sets / reps you should be doing to maximise muscle growth
  13. Are rest days really worth it, or are they just a lazy excuse...
  14. Best times to workout in our gym
  15. Can something as simple as awalking buuld muscle mass?

There you have it, 15 quick content ideas that are highly likely to come up when people search fitness related topics. The next BIG PROBLEM after making your new SEO based content is your going to struggle converting followers into customers, (click here for a guide on how to convert followers into customers).

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