Using algorithm tricks to feed your account the perfect target audiance

Using algorithm tricks to feed your account the perfect target audiance

Tricking the instagram algorithm in 3 seperate ways...

1. SEO & Keywords

The Search Engine Optimisation technique is going to increase your chances of being found via searches, this is done by using keywords in different places in your profile and posts heres a list of where to use keywords to maximise your SEO:

  • Your bio
  • Your Page Name
  • The Alt text of your posts
  • Your Captions
  • Subtitles of videos
  • Add a location in your bio
  • Location in your alt text
  • Location on posts

But how do you know what keywords to use?... Heres a few tricks on finding the right keywords; the first way to find keywords is to find what questions people in your niche are searching, for example a question commonly asked in the auto trader niche is "What's a good Miles Per Gallon" or "How many Miles Per Gallon does an X car have", there's a trend of miles per gallon used in many searches meaning MPG is a good keyword for your Instagram and google sites.

2. Targeted Following & Engagement

Who you are followed by and who you follow makes a huge difference in who your account is pushed to, by following and engaging with other businesses like yourself and content creators inside your niche, the algorithm will push your page to their followers and also make you a more prominent figure in that niche. This is a very simple and very effective way to achieve better "findability" as it only takes 5 mins to log on, follow similar accounts and engage with them.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags you should be using are:

  • *your industry*
  • *your location*
  • *content related question*
  • *your brand name*
  • *trending hashtag*
  • 2 *keyword hashtags*

By using the correct hashtags your content will do 2 things: 1. Be pushed out to the right people who are looking for your type of content 2. tell the algorithm more about your account and industry meaning future posts have additional SEO.

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