Generating Local Leads through Instagram

Generating Local Leads through Instagram

The social media problem

Social media connects everyone with everyone and its one hell of a marketing tool for that very reason, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, how would a small local car salesman in nottingham connecitng with a person in japan over social media going to help their business... Well it's not, and that's a problem a lot of businesses struggle with, connecting with a LOCAL audience!

Apps like Instagram however have created ways for businesses to get around this problem, and that's by using "local SEO" Techniques, heres how you can do it:

1) Keywords:

Keywords are extremely important for general and local SEO, The algorithm reads your text and uses this information to know how to put your content in front of, for example if you put a lot of keywords to do with football the algorithm will associate your an account with football... Heres the locations you need to be putting keywords for local audience reach,

  • Alt text
  • bio
  • captions

2) Location tags:

Location tags are the simplest way of achieving better local SEO however that's not to say it's the worst, you can use location tagging on every post by quite simply clicking "add location" before you post!

3) Alt Text:

Alt text is an extremely under used SEO Technique, however it is extremely effective in helping the algorithm with location based SEO, before posting, click "advanced settings" and you'll want to type the following in to help your local audience find you:

  1. Your business name in plain text
  2. Your location in plaiun text
  3. # of you name and location

And follow all of this with a paragraph that includes your location, your service and your business name.

4) Bio:

Having your location in your bio tells the algorithm straight where you are an who to show you too...

If you're looking for good visual representation of each step you can find it at or if you want a social media manager to help you can visit our website here (

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