Running a Car trader social Media page 101

Running a Car trader social Media page 101

The 3 basic principles you need to know about growing a Car traders social media page are simple...

  1. Systems to stay organised
  2. Cut through content
  3. guerrilla tactics

1. Systems to stay organised

There's one super simple system that's going to make sure your on top of all your social media content creation & stay consistent... A content calendar, yes you hear these words everywhere and that's because of the sheer importance and role it plays in having a strong social media channel... A social media content calendar is exactly what it says it is, a calendar that says everything you're going to post on what day. Having one of these not only lets you plan ahead, but also helps you evaluate your content plan before you post.

Another cheeky tip we have for staying on top of consistency is having "backup" posts, these are extra posts that you always have on reserve just in case you can't make the ones you wanted (trust us, it happens a lot more than you think)

2. Cut through content

If you're unfamiliar with how the meta algorithm decides if you go viral, allow me to explain, Your content is pushed to a focus group of followers and non followers, if the engagement % & average watch time is high in this focus group,the algorithm will push you to a bigger focus group and the cycle continues (this is a very very simple breakdown of a very very confusing algorithm). This is why you need "cut through content".

Put simply cut through content is content veiwers...

  1. Want to engage with
  2. Haven't seen before
  3. will stop scrolling and view for a long time

    Its important for any social media strategy to have a plethora of "cut through" content ideas to succeed.

    3. Guerrilla tactics

    "Guerrilla" tactics are super important when growing a small page as it's the fastest way to grow & sell while small, this includes tactics like:

    • Outbound messaging
    • Targeted following
    • Community engagement

    Guerrilla tactics are time consuming!

    The truth is a lot of content and social media is super time consuming and a lot harder than people think, this is why 88% of businesses hire a social media manager, if you're looking for a social media manager you can contact mbas at or 0115 822 5232 and get 50% off for your first 3 months!

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