Whats better?... organic or paid awarness

Whats better?... organic or paid awarness

It never hurts to be on the same team as Meta

Yes you can achieve widespread brand awareness using only free organic social media methods, however... Meta is a company worth £1 billion and are constantly upgrading the capabilities of their AI & marketing systems to ensure a maximum possible ROI on every single Ad that runs on their platforms, yet you only want to use organic methods?


Here's a brief comparison of organic vs paid social media campaigns

  • Cost of posting organic and paid ads

In terms of cost, organic content is completely free to post and the ROI's can be huge, whereas in paid awareness ads it costs money for every eye that sees your post.

  • Maximising Reach

When it comes to organic reach, this is heavily dependant on the engagement levels of your content and your follower count, however with paid ads you could make high converting low engegement content and it will still be pushed.

  • Targeting your ideal market

While using paid methods, targeting is amazing and infinitely better than organic, why? Well, with paid awareness campaigns you can go into extreme detail of people's interests, their buying habits and even their location, whereas when posting organic content you have minimal control over your targeting without knowing the in and out tricks of social media, SEO.

  • Measuring the results of your campaign

When trying to measure the results of an organic campaign, it's very difficult as there are barely any analysis options, however when using paid ads there is a plethora of options, ranging from Cost per action all the way to Impression counts making it a lot easier to evaluate a paid campaign.

  • The long therm benefits of both methods

Organic content can provide huge long-term benefits of customer loyalty and company image, while using paid methods generally focuses on short term success

Both organic and paid take up far too much time for a busy business...

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