2 things you need to turn followers into customers

2 things you need to turn followers into customers

The 2 things you need to turn followers into leads on social media...

1. The right audience.

2. A proper conversion strategy.

 Yup, it really that easy to start turning followers into leads, all you need is to be in front of the right people and have a proper strategy in place to sell like crazy in front of them.

Part 1: Stop selling a perfectly cooked A5 Wagyu steak in a vegan restaurant...

Yes, I know, what a beautiful way to explain how crucial having a proper audience on social media is. Having the right audience follow you on social media is a struggle that 90% of businesses have. So here I am showing you the 3 ways to get the audience you want..

1. Define who your customer is and their path to becoming a customer. Ask yourself the problem you're solving, what your customers' fears are and why they can't solve the problem themselves.

2. Create content using the information you just learnt. You want your customers to feel that every single piece of your content is for them directly. You'r going to want to answer all of their questions, fears and understand the way they feel about trying to battle the problem you can solve by themselves

3. Use SEO and keywords to make you easier to find. The past two solutions have been to understand and retain potential customers, but heres how you increase your ability to be found by your target audience... make sure you're using as mush keyword research and SEO to maximise your findability (Tips for this can be found in more blogs and on our social media here).

Part 2: The salt and pepper of every conversion strategy...

There's a million different conversion strategies out there, but there's 3 things that are in almost all of them:

  1. Conversion based content strategies
  2. Engagement
  3. CTA's

Conversion based content is a not just a telling your audience in a blunt manner what you're selling and how much it costs, but it's a whole strategy of using different content like past testimonials or even current work to increase awareness & the trust of your product. (These tips for conversion based posts are here on our social media.

"Engagement" is just a way of saying interact with the people who love your content, if you're a gym business and you have a person who likes every post and comments on interesting topics, then make sure you don't waste the lead and send them a message, yes its that simple to convert followers.

CTA's, the mother load of all conversion based strategies, simply meaning "Calls To Action" it is the most affective way to turn potential customers into customers, it can be something as simple as "comment X to receive X in your DM's" or "follow for more X based info". CTA's are crucial for any social media strategy.

The nuisance of social media!

Social media is the bain of every businesses existence in recent years, with so much noise on social media people are finding it hard to stick out in the crowd, if you need tips for sticking out from the crowd and having social success you can find them on our social media pages (*click me for socials*) pumped out 3 times a week! Or alternatively you can hire us for a full social media management service for less than £350 a month here!

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